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Normalization Trends (Part 1):  PSAs & Insta-Tweets, Puberty and Spot Patches, Sex-Ed, Women’s Body Hair + Omsom & Liquid Death.

Sept 14, 2020

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Well, there is no denying that this last half a year has altered our sense of normalcy and no wonder. There was a lot to unravel in the trend of Normalization. This topic is their first two-parter!

Amanda and Kim start on a lighter note about some new consumables they have tried recently. Amanda with Omsom>> a new sauce starter kit brand here to spice up your dinner game. Kim tried Liquid Death>> the premier aggressively heavy metal branded Tallboy cans of mountain water instructing you to “murder your thirst”.

Diving headfirst into the theme Kim aquaints y’all with the concept of Normalization>> as a subjective and objective construct formed by cultural, societal, situational and moral perceptions that used to take decades to accomplish a majority shift in social acceptances even with large agencies behind the moments (like normalizing people with learning disabilities and developing socio-acceptance) . With the rise of social media the people have more power than ever to effect change by uniting to work toward normalizing outdated, stigmatized or biased norms amongst undervalued, oppressed, repressed, counterculture and minority populations. Not even that - it has in fact become mainstream.  Everything from social justice campaigns, to environmentalism and political upheavals, mental health, wellness, body and sexuality.

Reading List from our discussion:

“The powerful way that 'normalization' shapes our world” -

BBC (Link to article HERE>>)


“Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture” -

Ariel Levy (Link to Book HERE>>>)


Part of the allure of normalization is how easy it can be reposted and build support. With direct actions for “normalization” we are seeing not just memes but PSA graphic designed social statements trending and garnering quick momentum and collective bonding and agreements.

Case in point:

PSA examples


Sociel media memes -

well just Tweets reincarnated: 

Getting into the guts here Amanda and Kim break out just a few of MANY of the areas that are getting rewritten.  Often times with the status of being a disruptor in an industry - that comes with also being a new normalizer as well. But just remember - Along with great power comes great responsibility...

The first area Kim covers is De-stigmatizing and Normalizing Puberty for Teens. Refinery29 reports 85% of 12-24-year-olds experience Acne and more than 50% of women in their 20s experiencing breakouts >>.

You would think society would be a little gentler as this effects the majority of the population! She explores some really amazing indie brands who have a unique approach to tiptoeing closer to normalizing the teen skin and that right of passage. They have even started building trends that make it not just acceptable but rejoiced using stylized spot patches over acne to act as a form of self expression instead of shame. Two key players are optimistic brand Starface >> and softcore inspired Squish >>

Kim drops the bomb that only 9 states mandate medically acruate sex ed in school….and introduces us to teen brand Blume>> a wellness company that mixes both natural products, actual education and a supportive community to offer a “Puberty Do-Over” Campaign In hopes to address self-esteem Issues - removing the taboos associated with “becoming a woman”.  They have an assortment of natural products like skin, deodorant and period products. In addition they also have created a program called the State of Sex Ed>> with a full curriculum for teachers (!!) of medically acruate materials about sex ed - everything from phystical to emotional, safe sex practices, contraception and healthy releationships.

One of the best parts? None of these brands re-touch and use real people in their campaigns.  

Amanda teezes out some details and history behind women’s body hair and body hair removal industry (valued at a whopping $1.2 billion in 2017 and is set to reach $3.4 billion by 2025) and wake up call of all the ladies who have been quarantining for half a year. She also explores some new disruptors in the female body hair game including Billie>> who is peeling back some marketing senselessness and embracing real bodies with real HAIR in their razor campaigns. They launched Project Body Hair>> aims to normalize seeing women with (god forbid!) body hair. Amanda also fluffs out the details on body hair beauty brand Fur>> with oils and lotions designed to nurture and soften all your body hairs and prevent ingrown hairs.

Make sure to also check out a small but growing social media movement called #everydaylookism, calling for the end of body shaming, and that includes body hair shaming.

Required Reading:

“Body Hair Is Natural. Society Thinking Otherwise Is Dangerous”- Time >>>

Visual Proof



Normalizing Teen Skin




flower power acne patches>>

Other Options - more discrete for that office presentation: 

Availabe on Amazon>>>


Normalizing Women’s Body Hair