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  1. This is a website to support the podcast The Department as platform to talk about trends, taste and emerging brands/products in the fashion, design, home, food, etc spaces.
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The Department — A podcast about trends & taste

Amanda and Kimberly are industry professionals with over 40 years of fashion and lifestyle buying between them. Their storied histories are rooted in the Buying and Merchandising field which in essence means they are professional shoppers. 

Day in and day out they are immersed in the market sourcing and discovering trends, finding and fulfilling niche needs, listening to the nuanced interests of the customer while balancing a deep understanding of product - quality, design, execution, hype. 

This Podcast is a platform to talk about the micro and macro effects of how trends, customer behavior, taste (we know that is subjective) and product intersect. 

They are also using this podcast to give voice to independent brands that are doing and making really amazing things. 

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