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Home Trends: Nesting, Homebody Economy, JOMO, Le Creuset, Girls Who Stay in Bed, Social Resale Marketplaces, Metro Moves and Homesteading 

Nov 10, 2020

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Cuddle up with Kim and Amanda as we explore the nesting trends, including #JOMO, hopefully the end of #FOMO, and minimizing your consumption while making your home into a nest by buying secondhand home goods.

Kim tucks into the Nesting phenomena that has been lo-key mainstreaming pre-pandemic with US Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that millennials spent 70 percent more time at home than the general population and 75% of them considered themselves “homebodies”. This mindset is perpetuated by the rise in apps appealing to the “homebody economy” - streaming services, food and liquor delivery, fitness apps and more. All to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Another factor? Political and social turmoil pushed people indoors - to the safety of their own spaces.

Social media trends regarding domestic obsessions and #adulting have been growing like crazy - Cooking and particularly Le Creuset is trending on Ticktock The new obsession with the aesthetically pleasing colorful pots is likely also stemming from the popularity of #Cottagecore content, which is providing a combination of escapist fantasy and self-care, and many #LeCreuset posts also have a #cottagecore tag - cottagecore resonates in so many spaces and is like the central aesthetic of 2020.

Out of this grew the concept of JOMO - the Joy of Missing Out and the opposite of FOMO. JOMO is finding joy in disconnecting. Leading to trends in 2018 for the “girls who stay in bed” and marketers targeting this new demographic and leading to the continued rise in the realm of Bed in a box, candles, facemasks, Cooking brands  and more. - which are seeing grow exponentially during the pandemic.

@Girlsnightin gets referenced often during this movement that was founded back in 2017 - on a mission to help you unwind, take care and connect.

In 2018 and 2019 sayings like “Namasty’ay in Bed” popularized etsy as this girl exploded and wanted everyone to know it. As the pandemic hit and we are required to stay at home that novelty wore off quick - but the importance of the bed became central to lots with bed and bedding sales booming.

They share their choices for mattresses to elevate your slumber experience - Highest Grade Ikea and Tuft and Needle>> (Amanda and Kim respectively) as well as some other Bedding Recommendations like Matteo, Brooklinen & Parachute.

Online/Social Resale Marketplaces

Amanda crushes on the Facebook Marketplace>> which has been trending during 2020 with furniture listings increasing nearly 100% since april - with a similar story happening over at NextDoor - with their furniture sales up 28% in Aug vs last year.

She explores the facts behind this craze: 
1. Value for money shopping during these uncertain times
2. Consumption habits and sustainability is at top of mind
3. The pandemic is causing a massive amount of people moving.... 

Where are people moving?

Well some are moving back home! In a September poll from the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds reported living with their parents because of Covid-19. Before that, “The highest measured value was in the 1940 census at the end of the Great Depression, when 48% of young adults lived with their parents,” according to the center

And many are fleeing the city - During the second quarter of 2020, 51 percent of properties seen in America’s most populated metro areas were in the suburbs, according to Realtor.com. An economist at the real estate company Zillow said in July that 64 percent of homebuyers were looking at the suburbs — a stark contrast from the 2010 US census, which found that eight in 10 Americans lived in cities. 80%

Home repair was trending at the start of the quarantine - Amanda reports that Industry analysts say that the first wave of quarantine was used on home projects, so places like Home Depot and Lowe’s saw huge sales lifts. We’re talking  20-30% growth year over year Everyone was doing repairs, setting up home offices, and generally just improving the utility of their home.  Lots of bookcases, organization furniture, and desks.

As we move into fall this is changing to aesthetic and comfort - couches, chairs, rugs, oh my!

She recommends scoping out:

        • Facebook Marketplace
          • Also facebook has a lot of buy/trade, buy nothing, and yard sale groups.  I just joined like 10 of them out here in Lancaster county.  And dustin has found some stuff, too.
        • Craigslist:  depending on where you live
        • Next Door
        • LetGo:  this is an app, I haven’t used it yet
        • IRL:  thrift stores, vintage stores...I highly recommend the Habitat for Humanity Restore