︎︎︎episode 4 

Social Media Trends: @whatspecificthingareyou, Aesthetic Cottage Core vs Dark Academia, Fantasy Flower Arranging, Gross Single Use Fashion and Fluide Cosmetics

Aug 23, 2020

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We hope you ︎ this episode about our Social media inspired trends! As we all continue to be more “plugged in” than ever during the pandemic we cling to shared connection through our screens and the user generated content within.

Amanda kicks us off with “What _ are you name” memes - like @whatdrunkbarbieareyou.

Here are a few more favorites:

….you get the picture

Listen up... this next section not only has a your next profile pic but a smashing business idea as well!...

Kim explores those wildfire ticktock aesthetic induced subculture trends of Cottage Core and Dark Academia - based on a romanticized nostalgia and self-soothing escapism the kids are into these days. Also see:  sub-sub cultures within Cottage core like grandmacore, farmcore and more fantastically, goblincore, crowcore (collections of weird shiny trinkets), meadowcore (pretty pictures of meadows) and , fairycore (meadowcore but with mushrooms and magic). The trickle factor will mean we will likely see this in the fashion mix for some time now so buckle up!

Amanda picks up on some new trends in the art of FANTASY floral arrangements. A sexy sister to Freakibana this ultra feminine form of the the trend marries the unusual elements of freakibana with the girly girl era of instagram rose walls and peony bouquets. Not following? Just take a look at Brrch>> - but prepare to be amazed.

Amanda dips her toe into the normalizing trend - with a scathing expose on single use fashion amongst the kids these days and her movement to action repeat wear and cherishing the clothing you own.

Did you know….

  1. 41% of all 18-25-year-olds feel the pressure to wear a different outfit every time they go out? Ew
  2. Another 33%t of women – regardless of age – consider an outfit to be “old” after wearing it fewer than three times? Double Ew.
  3. 72% of women say they usually only wear a dress ONE TIME! A million Ew’s! Ladies really??
  4. 1 in 6 people said they can’t wear an outfit again if it’s been photographed on social media. Disgusting.

Jump aboard this sustainability train and help us popularize #oopsiworeitagain or #worn50times. Help us show the importance of having a versatile outfit, versus an overstuffed closet of one off pieces.

We close our show taking a look at a social and community supported brand Fluide Cosmetics>> a genius queer cosmetics brand dedicated to shredding gender norms in the makeup industry. Stripping those stereotypes and filling a void in an underserved demographic, Fludie brought their cruelty-free and super fun products to the market specifically aimed at genderqueer and gender-expansive people who haven’t had the opportunity to buy makeup without shame. ALSO they donate a portion of their proceeds to LGTBQ initiatives. Bravo!

Visual Proof


“What _ are you name” memes

Aesthetic Core Movements
(it’s a whole thing)
Cottage Core ︎︎︎


Art of fantasy floral arrangements

Floral Fantasia


︎Brand Mention︎ 

Fluide Beauty