︎︎︎episode 2 

Food Trends: Online Cooking Classes, Cake Cutting Memes, Most Pinned Recipes,  Extreme Foods &  Artistic Jellies

Aug 10, 2020

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In this episode Amanda and Kim talk about the delicious and not so delicious food trends popularizing our worlds.

Kim starts off talking about the restaurant industry and how chefs are getting innovative with their craft - from Underground Detroit Pizza and Bread Businesses popping up across LA to Chef’s turning their love of cooking into online cooking classes. She talks about a class she is taking with Michelin chef and creator of Dark Horse Organic and the amazing condiments they are making. Prefer to order takeout? We got you - there are also cocktail making classes like Sangria and Secrets hosted virtually by a house of phenomenal drag queens. All part of Airbnb’s innovative counter approach to the epidemic.

There is also Kim’s not to be missed review of the Always Pan from Our Place that is an insta-celebrity in its own right. Want $10 Off your first purchase? Use this link HERE>>.

Amanda spirals into the Cake cutting meme that took over social media - its humble start from the basic cupcake to extreme cakes to full cakes that look exactly like toilet paper or croc. The resonating surreality of life as we know it and resulting memes that follow. Amanda discusses the “Grooms Cake” and how this may have influenced the popularity of the hyper-realistic cake trend that is reaching pitch. Amanda gets psychological so don’t miss out.

Can’t get enough cake? Checkout the childhood splendor of Benny Cake>> and Juu Juu cake>>

Kim dishes on the most searched recipes on Pinterest. No one is surprised it is all comfort food.

Amanda goes on down to flavor town with her hard-hitting expose on extreme food recipes and social accounts. Savor the trend in “food hacks” and bodacious comfort foods.

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Amanda wraps up our second episode diving into Artistic Jellies or Gelatin Art. Much in the same way that fantasy focaccia trended all over the cooking social channels Gelatin Art has been gaining in notoriety way before that beautiful flowers, fruits, and other foods suspended in gelatin (cottage core at its best) reminiscent of 70’s gelatin fascinations - popularized by Sharona Franklin who partnered with Opening Ceremony and was even knocked off by Gucci.

Wanna see more? Search #gelatinart

Visual Proof


Dark Horse Organics

Cult condiments

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Our Place

Always Pan

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Cake Cutting Memes

Okay, there’s like so much cake stuff going on right now “ - Amanda

Coven bakery

Juujuu cake

Most Searched Pinterest receipes : Quarentine  Read it right from the source >>

The Fine Wold of Gelatin Arts

fruit and floral aspic

*ₓᏰotanical Sculpture ᗰuseumₓ⋆

*°:⋆ₓₒedible sculptures made with loveₓₒ⋆:°*>>

If you are looking for a real rabit hole take a look at retro/savory aspics >>