︎︎︎episode 1 - Trends to chill at home in

The Long Road to Lame Town: Quarantine fashion trends House Shoes, Nap Dresses, Sweat Shorts, Crafting & Blue Blocking Glasses

Aug 04, 2020

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Amanda and Kim discuss a few of the quarentine trends popping up since the pandemic and following quarentine has changed our needs and mindsets.

Episode 1 include considerations in house shoe trends and some great recommendations including Japanese House Slippers, the elegant Moroccon Babouche, Anti-fashion orthopedics, Alpaca fur slippers and our Indoor/Outdoor sneakers.

Nap Dresses come up as fashion brands have pivoted into ebracing comfort and style while at home. Amanda talks Sleeper and Hill House in particualar here - but we all know you can wear any dress in your house and just call it a “house dress” ;)

Kim explores her frustration trying to find comfort shorts and the apparent hive mind proving it difficult to get cozy in the heat. She touches on the sold out sweat shorts, Patagonia Baggie popularity, Lisa Says Gah louge set, those sweaty biker shorts and retro Soffee gym shorts. We also talk about how this continues to evolve into the trends that we will see in fall included 90’s chunky ribs we are seeing everywhere.

Amanda takes us down the road to craft-town with the re-rise of craft - or more particularly sewing and knitting. She also provides all you tech moguls with a HOT opportunity in the industry.

Kim takes a dive into the Blue Blocking lenses everyone  and their mother keeps talking about. What is it? Is it even valid or a waste of money?.... and if you wanna jump on board who is crushing it? (BTW Amanda has a pair from Jins). Kim does a call out to the brand Caddis for working to normalize aginig, offering blue blocking lenses and make readers actually (*finally) cool looking. Way to disrupt Caddis! 

Visual Proof


House Shoes

ariana bohling

Ethically sourced alpaca slippers

Moroccon Babouche
leather Moroccon Slipper

Platform Gardener Shoe
Cape Robbin >>
Amanda’s personal recommendation over the classic Croc with a full 90’s platform sole.

Nap Dresses

silk sleepy louge dress 

Elusive Casual Shorts

Brooklyn Short
Cotton Citizen >>
intage wash

Float Bike Short
Girlfriend Collective >>
ot but versatile

Float Bike Short
Sofee >>
The Classic Gym Short $9 and size inclusive!

The Lifetsyle proof easy wear shorts

NY Mag Article >> “Why are these shorts so popular?”

The Rise of Sewing & Knitting (again)

Blue Blocking Glasses

Amanda invoking Gloria Steinhem

Kim has had. her eye on these rimless wonders