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7 Actually Helpful Ways to Survive Winter Quarantine and Fight #cabinfever (A Listcast)

Nov 3, 2020

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Fight the urge to #cabinfever with The Departments Listcast - Amanda and Kim spend some time getting self help guru about some great tricks to fight the winter blues during.

The Department’s Guide for Surviving Winter Quarantine

1. Make mini sanctuary spaces

  • Semi Spa Shower, Enviable Bed, Reading nook, Exercise Corner.
  • Make affordable upgrades
  • Invest in an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Fill your home with plants
  • Create different spaces in your home optimized for hanging out and being productive.

2. Optimize your Outdoors

  • Blankets and Cozy Drinks
  • Heat Lamps
  • Space Heater or Electric Blankets
  • Solar Powered string lights
  • Dress appropriately! (Amanda swears by Sorels>>)

3. Lighten Up - literally

  • Avoid overhead lighting
  • Get Dimmers for Mood Lamping
  • Get happy with SAD solutions (Amanda recommends Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp>> a Shark Tank product!)
  • Put a ring on your Zoom calls (Amanda has found this Ring Light>> very complimentary to any video meeting!)

4. DIY Discovery

  • Pick up a new DIY project - from learning a new language, life skill, instrument or new art!
  • Kim recommends looking into Fiber Art referencing Mrcreatives>> monthly pattern club.
  • @threadhoney that does these gorgeous pieces with hands and moons.
  • Or @DMC_embroidery to find creators are doing some incredible things. Lots of makers are supplying kits and patterns
  •  Amanda says to check out Tiny pricks project>>

5. Cookbook Smackdown

buy a cookbook or two you have been eyeing and actually cook from it.
  • Amanda recommends learning out to cook your favorite cuisine you go to restaurants for like Asian (her suggestions? Lucky Peach)
  • Kim found enjoyment in Burma Superstar

6. Try a Fitness Challenge

  • One week or 90 days - just get moving
  • Find a Buddy
  • Check our our Self Care Episode>> recently about Kim’s trials! 

7. Download a Mindfulness or Meditation App.